Hey Boo!

I'm Tiye Harris . . . the long lost girlfriend you didn't even know you missed. That girlfriend with the best (and the realest) dating & love advice. You know the kind of friend that sees your relationship faults, lovingly calls you out on your mess, but then give you some dope advice to do better. Yeah, that's me.

A little over 8 years ago I spent my days as either chronically single with an absolutely dead love life, or, wasting time with the wrong guys in a series of wrong relationships. It was miserable.

I was tired of meeting the same old busted guys in the same old tired places, but I didn't know how else to meet anyone. And even when I did meet someone I was scared to take a chance due to the fear that I'd only be wasting time on yet another relationship that would probably fail.

After some life changing "HOW THE HELL DID I GET HERE?!" moments I realized it wasn't the men I was dating, or the lack of good eligible bachelors in my area . . . IT WAS ME ... I WAS THE PROBLEM!

After some hardcore soul searching, gut checks, and hard truths I started applying the same love advice and dating techniques I'm now so passionate about teaching. And with those newfound tools & insights I took to dating again . . . though not for long because . . .

Once I started dating smart the first guy I dated ... I married.

And I couldn't have designed a better man for me! 7 years of matrimony later we're still blissfully in love.
My total love makeover was the best decision i've ever made . . . and I'd be thrilled if you allow me to help you with yours!