2 Ways You're GUARANTEED To Find Single Men

Where Do I Find Single Men?

When you're single (especially if you've been single for a while) it's easy to find yourself lost in two daunting thoughts ... where in the world do I find single men and of course (the equally haunting) ... where are all the single men at?!

I get it!  It’s tough to find single men these days, especially eligible, available, (non-creepy) single men. (why do you think I started Total Love Makeover in the first place?)

In edition to the difficulty in spotting single men, it can also feel like there are no good (let alone best) places to find a decent single guy.  But the truth is …

(And forgive me for ringing the cliché alarm here but i must.)

There are good, even great, single men all around you.  

WAIT ... Don’t leave me just yet!  

I’ve got some practical applicable steps for you but this has to be addressed first. So where are all the single men at? 

There are great single guys EVERYWHERE.  Often most of our problem lies in one area, to find single men you have to be willing to notice single men.


total love makeover primer


Before I share my two fail proof (and absolute favorite) places to find single men let’s start with today’s Total Love Makeover primer (the pre-work).

Be intentional about noticing every man around you.  Not just single men, every man!  Old men, young men, gay men, straight men. Black men, White men, Purple men, Rainbow men … just take a moment to notice the men in your surrounding.

When you start to intentionally notice all the guys in your surrounding it becomes crystal clear that there are a lot more single men floating around then you once thought.

That question of where are all the single men at becomes oddly clear.  SURPRISE! They're all around you.

A strange thing happens when you begin to notice single men ... it’s like your eye becomes tuned to always notice them.  Suddenly you’re eyes become ringless man magnets and you're telling other women how to find single men.  Girl just open your eyes.

(I understand that just because a man’s not wearing a ring doesn’t make him single, but he certainly could be, and more than likely he is.)

The Unmistakeable Truth:

You’ve probably heard:

“To find more single men in your area go to where me are, like a Home Depot, or a grocery store Hot Bar.”  Well you’ve heard that before I’m here to offer something different.  

Honestly, (as we’ve already addressed) you can find single men pretty much anywhere.  The key to finding a compatible single man is to go to the places you want to be and introduce yourself to the single men there.  

So perhaps the key is to stop asking where are all the single men at and start asking what new experience can I explore this week or month.

Meeting men in your sphere of interest puts you in prime position to run into a guy that likes what you likes, maybe even loves what you love.

So where can you find such places?

Tip 1: GoldStar.com (US only)

I absolutely adore the site (and app) Goldstar.com.  It’s similar to Groupon in that it’s a discount events site, however the variety on this site is unmatched.

On any given month you can find events in your area that range anywhere from Theater & The Arts, to live action sports, to cosplay and gaming conventions.  The opportunities are truly endless.



I’ve personally purchased tickets for comedy shows, boat rides, art expos, the circus (lol for our kids), and much more.

There’s always something to explore on Goldstar.com.  It’s free to sign up, the tickets are all discounted (some are even complimentary), and the customer service is great.

Find an event that works for you, buy tickets, and prepare to bump into some single men who are just as excited to be there as you are. 


Tip 2:  Meetup.com (US & International)

Meetup.com is probably the best way to meet local singles that compliment your unique interests.  There are very few places in the world where meetups aren’t accessible and given that everything is local and very specifically tailored, in my book meetup.com is an instant win.

There is literally something for everyone!  Obsessed with your cats?  There’s probably a meetup for that.  Enjoy rock climbing or outdoor adventures?  There’s a meetup for that.

On Meetup.com you not only get to select a group that meets your fancy, but you can also see upcoming events and see lists of attendees.

Keep in mind there are also tons of “Singles” focused meetup groups (i.e. Professional singles, Techie Single Nerds, Singles Line Dancing, etc). You're definitely going to find single men at a singles focused event!

Don’t see a group that fits your personality, it’s super easy to start a meetup yourself and watch other local singles come to you.

So no more "Where are all the single men at?" excuses ... let's kick it into gear beautiful!  

Hop over to Goldstar.com or Meetup.com and put something on your calendar TODAY!


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Remember you can have the love you want, sometimes it just takes doing something different to get something different!

Here’s to finding the right single guy!