Is He Interested? 5 Ways to tell INSTANTLY [VIDEO]


You want to know if he really likes you, or if he’s just being nice.  After all, you don’t want get yourself all wrapped up in something that may just be in your mind.  And you certainly don’t want to put yourself out there only to be embarrassed.  These 5 indicators make his interest (or lack thereof) crystal clear.

Indicator No. 1

He’s finding or creating opportunities to get and stay close to you.

Indicator No. 2

He keeps the conversation rolling, and if it does die down he picks it back up. (clearly he’s not ready for his moment with you to end.)

Indicator No. 3

His face tells it all. He’s smiling a lot, making bashful gestures, and serving up some nice eye contact; a good sign he’s interested.

Indicator No. 4

He wants to know about you and he’s asking questions to prove it. Scale doesn’t matter, so whether it’s “what do you suggest on the menu?” or “What do you do for fun?” his inquiries are a good sign.

Indicator No. 5

He’s offering information you didn’t ask for. When guys drop unsolicited information into small talk it’s usually because they’re trying to be impressive. And a man doesn't try to impress a woman he’s not interested in.

Bonus Tip:

If you find yourself in a spontaneous moment with a handsome stranger and he’s glaring with anywhere from 3-5 of these signs try the ...


We should bump into each other again. Maybe on purpose next time.”
“I enjoyed the conversation We should do this again.”

If it’s someone you already know but don’t see or talk to very often try these:

“You’re fun. We should be hanging out more often.”
“Now that I know you like Game of Thrones (or insert whatever common interest there) We should have a watch party. I’ll bring the wine.”

If his response to you is positive “we definitely should!” then take a deep breath and a chance and give him your number.  This still allows him to take the lead while giving him clear signs that the interest is mutual.  Worse case scenario: nothing comes of it but you can be proud that you were confidently able to initiate a potential match while still allowing him to pursue you.  Best case scenario: you’ve just met your future boo and you’ll never have to watch Game of Thrones alone again.


Thanks so much for reading, watching and sharing with such enthusiasm.  It’s my utmost pleasure to help you find the lasting relationship you’ve been yearning for, so thanks again for allowing me to take this journey with you.  Don’t forget to comment below and share your thoughts.

Wishing you beautiful strangers & last first kisses,



So you just met the most deliciously attractive man!  You to start talking and things are going well but somewhere along the line you start thinking is he interested in me or is he just being nice?  And you don't know so you let it go,  and so does he.  But you wonder.

In this video I'm giving you 5 clear indications that he is feeling you. And then I'm dropping one of my favorite bonus tips to ensure that you never miss a moment like that again. Let's talk about it.

Indicator No. 1:

He's finding reasons to get and stay close to you. Is he leaning in, or perhaps drawing nearer? Is he all up in this area or maybe touching you? Girl that is a good sign that he is in fact interested.

Indicator No. 2:

He keeps the conversation going. So whether it's a co-worker or someone you’ve just met if the small talk dies down and he finds a reason to start it back up ... that's a very clear sign he's not ready for his moment with you to end.


Indicator No. 3:

His face says it all. He's smiling, maybe even making bashful gestures, and making eye contact (it may not be continuous but he's finding a way for his eyes to meet yours) that's a really really good sign.