How To Flirt At Work



Disclaimer: Don’t do anything that even remotely resembles flirting with someone you know to be married or in a relationship. 

Step 1:  BE THE LIGHT.

The workplace by nature can often be a pretty stressful place.  But when it comes to the guy that you want to get close to you need to become the calm to in the storm, the light in the darkness.

This means anytime he sees you, not only should you be smiling, but you should be bringing a brightness to his day.  

So that means delivering good news, making him laugh every once and a while and a must … dropping those ever so subtle playful compliments.

“I’m sorry I was distracted by your cologne. I have way too much to do today to be fooling with you smelling so good.”  

Remember because you’re aiming to be a light, when it comes to him do avoid all negativity.  No gossip, no venting, no foolishness.  Find somebody else to do that with.


Always be looking for a moment that can be consistently shared between the two of you.  

If you know Paul from HR falls asleep around 3:15 everyday, share it with your flirty crush so that the two of you can go on Paul watch around 3:12 daily.  

Your inside moment needn't be something big, just something fun that offers a playful change in the day that the two of you can share together.


To make your exchanges with this guy extra flirty you want to start calling him something different from what the others in the office call him.  

This isn’t exactly a pet name because it should relate to his actual name.

 For instance, if your work crush’s name is Jonathan Banks and everyone in the office calls him Jon you start calling him something like “Mr. J” or just “Banks”.  

And be sure to throw a little sexiness on your voice when you address him.  




I’m guessing that if you’re flirting with this particular someone, you’re also interested in possibly seeing him outside of work.  If this is the case take the opportunity to covertly tell him you think of him outside of work.

“I was out with my girlfriends yesterday and there was a moment that completely made me think of you.  I found myself saying, if Banks were here we would be having so much fun.”

At risk of landing in the friend zone make sure to add something that highlights your attraction and sparks his.

“But I guess it was good you weren’t there because a date between the two of us may be off the charts.”


With these 4 flirty tips you’ll be a pro at work flirting in no time.


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