5 Life Hacks Every SINGLE (and looking) Woman NEEDS!


Yes there are life hacks that every single woman needs and in this episode I highlight my 5 favorite.


I know it and you know it.  

Your smile is worth a thousand words.  So why not ensure it’s at it’s lightest, brightest and whitest.

You’ve probably got these ingredients somewhere in your house already. Baking Soda & Peroxide.  Yes the two of these mixed together create the perfect DIY whitening paste.

You want to mix 2 tablespoons of peroxide with 1 teaspoon of baking soda and mix well.  The consistency should be a bit runny as unmixed baking soda has the tendency to be abrasive.  

Over use of this magic paste can wear down your enamel so a Monday, Wednesday, Friday 2-3 times a week routine is perfect.  

Never hide that smile of yours again.


Yes a color wheel.  

Typically color wheels are used by painters and interior designers but here’s why I think all the single ladies need one.  

A color wheel is perfect for pairing outfits together.  

Of course black and white go with pretty much everything but what do you do when you’re shopping for something or you want to pair something of color in your closet.  Pull out your color wheel and let it do the work for you.

Directly across from your selected color is a complimentary color, but if you’re not feeling that combination you can tone it down by selecting one of the listed triadic colors. (All of which are listed on the color wheel)  You’ll never have to ask “Does this match?” again.

Grab a color wheel here:

As an added bonus if you know your skin’s undertone, meaning you have a cool, neutral, or warm undertone, the color wheel is a great shopping buddy.  Because right on the wheel is listed colors on the cool color spectrum and on the warm color spectrum.  

Have the answer to what colors would look good on you right in your pocket.


No one wants to stumble on Mr. Ooooh girl look at him and have stale breath.

Forever Mints made by NeuOra Microceuticals  are tiny time released mints that adhere to your upper or lower gum line to keep your mouth moist and your breath fresh for up to 3 hours.  

Now when I use these I usually get a solid 2 hours of minty freshness out of one mint.  It doesn’t sting upon applying and in the right place it really is pretty comfortable and completely unnoticeable.  

I will say upon first trying Forever Mints I got a slight headache (not unusual for me because I have a sensitivity Xylitol.) however I found I had placed it in the wrong place.  After adhering the mint in between my cheek and gum line I never had a problem with headaches again. 

This is a great way to ensure you have automatic fresh breath.


When you're feeling down and out do you ever notice how you turn to the same old depressing songs to play over and over again. Well the expectancy playlist is the exact opposite of that.

You want to form a compilation of the most loving and romantic songs that not only reflect the man you dream of but also reflect the way you want him to think of and feel about you.

Sample songs include:
I know I loved you - Savage Garden
Every time I close my eyes - Babyface
All my life -KC & JoJo
I don't wanna miss a thing - Aerosmith


This is an awesome way to start your day and a great alternative to that depressing playlist of yours.

Check out the TLM Ready For Love Playlist (Best Romantic Love Songs by Men)


Vanessa Van Edwards and her brilliant team over at Science of People.com have created an especially unique Facebook app that I think is pretty neat. It’s called the social superhero.  

Basically what you do is send the social superhero a socially related message and it will send you a helpful response.  

For instance you say icebreaker and it will send you a helpful response.  

Now this tool is fairly new so it has its glitches but let me tell you what I love about it.  If you ask for a tip the social superhero will give you some solid advice helping you to stay cognizant of your behavior in a social setting.  

I also love the “dare” functionality.  

Next time you’re in an awkward social setting and you have the impulse to jump on your phone pull up the Facebook messenger ask the social superhero for a dare and instantly get something memorable and challenging to try.


So there are my 5 hacks remember to subscribe and leave a comment telling me which one of these five were your favorite!

Ladies you can have the love you want sometimes it takes doing something different to get something different.  So if you’re willing to do the work, I’m more than willing to help you get there. 

Here's to a bright smile, romantic love songs and no more awkward situations.